I give you a new commandment: that you love one another. As I have loved you.   John 13,34

Starting point, intention and purpose, the above sentence focuses on the spirit of an event composed by volunteers, active and potential iconographers, wood sculptors, art historians or simply by people who are interested in broadening their artistic and cultural horizons.

Exhibitions, free workshops, conferences and visits on sites of interest are some of the many activities of an event designed for all ages. An event that can be described as a multidisciplinary educational activity, an artistic dialogue that culminated in an intercultural partnership of three countries, with a common denominator. The love for the arts influenced by the Byzantine tradition.

The journey began in 2015 and 2016, when Christina Matiaki, teacher of Byzantine iconography in the Aristotelis Cultural Association, Kozani, and Roberta Capezzuoli, also a teacher of Byzantine iconography in the Associazione Archeosofica, Florence, met and worked together for this initiative. The 2017 edition gained a new member, Romania, and continued to strenghten the existing ties.

For 2018, the subject, open and multidimensional, reveals the effort to understand and make simple a supernatural reality. A reality that is presented and becomes clear and dynamically evident through religious arts.  The event made its first stop for this year in Bucharest, on May and the second in Greece, on June. In Autumn we were in Italy, Arezzo and Florence.

We are preparing the new programs for 2019!

Be a part of this journey!

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